Progenex is experiencing as much real growth as you! Because our More Muscle product sales skyrocketed this month–a whopping 68%–we are completely out of stock. But don’t worry, more is on the way! So go ahead and place your order and we’ll ship your More Muscle as soon as it’s available.  (Read Full Article)

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It looks like someone didn’t get his Progenex today. That’s the only reasonable explanation as to why he’s not flying.

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Funny Friday: Our backorder is for your own good. We don’t want anyone getting too big, so we have placed a moratorium on #TheSauce for a bit.

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We are now on backorder of all flavors of Recovery, More Muscle and ProPacks until early May. Fortunately, it’s due to even faster growth than expected. Unfortunately, it means you’ll have to go without #TheSauce for another couple weeks. Thanks for your patience!

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